PHCCIG incorporated in May 2021. The group is a non-aligned, not-for-profit organisation that works toward a sustainable, carbon-neutral and positive future in a way that is positive, respectful, hopeful and collaborative.

We believe that there is a climate emergency, now,
An ecological emergency, now,
And that urgent action is needed at every level
– individually, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Our objectives

  • To support activities that may lead to a sustainable, carbon neutral and positive future. 
  • To promote Climate Emergency policies and activities and low carbon initiatives in the Perth Hills.
  • To inform and educate about climate change and a sustainable future.
  • To advocate for action on climate change.
  • To collaborate with organisations and leaders holding similar aims.

Our committee members

After many years working in the community sector most recently in counselling and advocacy, Lynda is now retired and spending her time gardening/growing food, walking, dancing and doing yoga. She is trying to live a simpler more sustainable life, so that the planet is left in a good condition for our children, grandchildren, future generations and all creatures across the globe.

With a background in engineering and science, plus a strong interest in ecosystem conservation and wildlife rehabilitation, Tanya has a keen interest in mitigating the effects of anthropogenic climate change. She has worked with the local Citizens’ Climate Lobby group for several years, meeting repeatedly with several politicians and assisting in writing submissions to government. Tanya values decision making informed by scientific evidence and rational thinking.

Denise (who took this beautiful photo) is a retired teacher who believes we have a responsibility to leave the world a better place by our actions, not just for our children and grandchildren but for the world’s children and their children

Ailsa has a long history of community based collaboration and is passionate about working together to advocate for real action on climate change

Basil has a background in managing community services, tender bid consulting and social policy advocacy. Now in retirement, he devotes his time to action on climate change, creating a better and climate safe world for future generations.

Ecology and geopolitics enthusiast, strenghtened with working in a variety of industries, Finn brings us his IT skills and a European perspective

This is who we are.

Our group is much more than this committee. It is every person who cares about the environment and does something about the climate crisis, no matter where they live. It is anyone who wants a better future for all life on the planet.

Anyone who takes a sticker, puts a sign on the fence, talks to their friends, refuses a plastic bag, plants a flower or speaks to their member of parliament.

We are a welcoming bunch and truly grateful for any level of involvement. Having said that, if you see yourself on our committee, we’d love to hear from you!

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