Hills climate change group back emissions reduction by shire

PERTH HiIls Climate Change Interest Croup (PHCCIG) has congratulated the Shire of Mundaring for their work in exceeding their 2018 target of 30 per cent emissions reduction from 2016/17 levels.

“At the March full council meeting an amended ‘energy and emissions reduction strategy’ was adopted which will achieve a 70 per cent reduction on 2016/17 levels by 2030, and this will be achieved without using carbon offsets,” PHCCIG secretary Alisa Paterson said.
“We are already seeing the impact of climate change in the Perth Hills, with low water levels in our creeks and dams and a loss of numerous trees and other vegetation in our gardens and forests. We can only hope that we get good rains this autumn and winter,” she said.

Residents interested in knowing more about climate change and actions you can take to mitigate or adapt, check out their website www.phccig.org, subscribe to their newsletter, follow them on Facebook – www.facebook.com/ PHCCIG.
Further information can also be found at their stall at the Mundaring Farmers Market to be held on Saturday, April 20.