There is hope in 2024

The following is an extract from the climate council website  

CLIMATE RESOLUTIONS FOR 2024we thought their ideas were pretty good so we have listed a couple here- by clicking on the link above you can look at the whole article.

The climate crisis has intensified this year, underscoring the urgent need to cut emissions in the 2020s. We have seen harrowing weather extremes across the world, and more records broken as the year progressed. 

But there is hope: with many nations and parts of our society and economy stepping up their climate commitment. Momentum for positive change is growing around the world, and here at home we are seeing more homes and businesses go electric, more solar and wind power being added to our grid and more people choosing cleaner transport options.

Take collective action: Community-led action has historically been a great catalyst for systemic change. Banding together with others in our community to join a petition or protest, or contact your local MP with an email or phone call can all be powerful ways to spark important climate conversations, and keep climate action in the public eye. Everyday Australians speaking up to support necessary climate policies and calling for far greater action will help shift the dial. It’s going to take all of us. 

Ensure the climate information you consume is credible and science based

This could mean taking stock of where you get your news from and who you trust as a reliable source, such as the Climate Council, our national science agency CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology. Have a good look at what sort of news content you’re accessing and think about where it comes from, what vested interests or personal bias may be influencing the news piece, and whether the claims can be fact-checked.