Like so many people who live in the Perth Hills, Steve Gates walks the talk when it comes to climate action for a positive future.

He’s a sustainable lifestyle inspiration, and a mover and shaker for a better world – as a grass roots activist and public policy influencer.

In his everyday life, Steve and his family have set themselves up a carbon neutral lifestyle.

They’ve had a solar hot water system for 31 years! and a solar PV system which supplies the equivalent energy to run both the house and charge his DIY electric vehicle for the last 12 years. (His 1976 house is all-electric and was modified to be largely solar passive at very reasonable cost in 2005).

Steve converted his petrol-run car to an electric vehicle – and has since travelled 80,000km on solar and wind energy (through Synergy Greenpower), with no engine maintenance or fuel costs!)

He has been riding his electric bike since 2006, and he is also involved as an Engineer in the development of electric propulsion systems in aviation.

Steve’s background as a sustainable future influencer is outstanding.

In 2007, he co-founded Sustainable Energy Now – to show how WA can technically and economically transition to renewable energy.  Follow the link to learn more:

He’s also President of the Nature Reserves Preservation Group and has been advocating to protect Kalamunda’s local bush reserves and environment for over 30 years.

Steve also attended climate rallies, including with Extinction Rebellion and has sat on numerous committees, such as the EMRC – Zero Waste Committee He and family generate only about 3 bins of waste annually, with all else recycled or composted, and are largely vegetarian.

What an inspirational Perth Hills person – for a sustainable, carbon neutral future!!

Thank you, Steve, for all you and your family do!