In the lead up to the WA State Government March 2025 election, PHCCIG is preparing a position paper for the State Government to consider.  

A consultation on the draft will be held at 2.30pm – 4.30pm 26th August 2023 (venue to be confirmed).

If you would like to receive a draft copy of the position paper, and to register for the consultation please email with ‘rsvp phccig’s WA govt climate consultation 26th August’ in the subject line. 

The three government jurisdictions, Local, State and Federal, each have a role in climate change mitigation (emissions reduction) and adaptation across the Perth Hills. 

On the basis of policy and literature reviews, and consultations with local people, PHCCIG has so far prepared two position papers on actions PHCCIG is calling on governments to undertake.  These are one for

  • the Federal government to undertake to address the effect of climate change on Perth Hills community

Th WA government has a Climate Policy, and an emissions reduction plan, to reduce the government’s emissions by 80% (from the 2020 level) and is developing climate change legislation.  And there many other issues to consider, not least of which is the need for a roadmap in line with reduction targets based on the international scientific consensus, and the need for a consideration of how Perth Hills-specific climate change effects be adapted to and mitigated.