The climate movement now has an opportunity to secure deep greenhouse emissions cuts from the country’s biggest polluters.

Industrial pollution

Perth Hills Climate Change Interest Group, along with grassroots groups across Australia, have partnered with Solutions for Climate Australia to advocate for the big fossil fuel polluters, who make up the Dirty Dozen, to do their fair share.

The Dirty Dozen are responsible for around half of the emissions covered by Australia’s Climate Safeguard Mechanism.

The Albanese Government was elected with a mandate to strengthen Australia’s Climate Safeguard Mechanism to ensure the industrial sector cuts its climate pollution this decade. It is a central plank of the government’s efforts to tackle the climate crisis in this term of office. And, at last, Australian governments are finally working constructively together.

Households across the country are already doing the heavy lifting to reduce emissions. For example, families are installing rooftop solar at a world-leading pace and signing up to Synergy’s natural power. People are cycling to work, buying local, growing vegetables, shifting to public transport, and switching to Electric Vehicles.

The same can’t be said of the facilities covered by the Safeguard Mechanism whose emissions increased over the last decade.

Industrial polluters are responsible for 28 percent of national emissions and it’s time for them to pull their weight.

If the Dirty Dozen big polluters and the industrial sector refuse to do their fair share on climate, then a greater burden will be put on Australian households, farmers, small businesses, and other sectors of our economy.

The climate movement must act quickly to show the Albanese government that the community has skin in the game.

PHCCIG will be talking with people across the Perth Hills, meeting with Federal politicians, and getting involved in a National Day of Action. 

Do let us know if you’d like to be involved.  Email Perth Hills Climate Change Interest Group, or Solutions for Climate Australia .