So, you’re in this thing called Perth Hills Climate Change Interest Group. But you’re not sure how to engage with any actual… action?  Don’t worry – we’re here to help. 

For a start, you can have quiet, respectful conversations with friends, family and colleagues on the need for urgent action. Remember, it’s all about building connection and trust, not hitting people over the head with ‘facts’. Or come and be on a stall at a community event, along with an experienced member.

You can also post items that support action on climate on all your social media platforms. Items with your own lead in comments and an invitation to readers to comment, usually work best. Consider writing a short letter to the newspaper, especially if you read something relevant e.g. in the ‘letters’ column.

Come to a meeting with an MP, along with some more experienced members of PHCCIG. It’s nowhere near as scary as you might think, and you can be an observer for the first one or two meetings. PHCCIG will be running training on how to meet with political leaders, this year.

And last, but definitely not least, think about where your money is going: is your super fund investing in fossil fuel production, for example? If so, tell them you’re unhappy and take your money elsewhere. Depriving these polluting energy companies of their social licence is a great lever to pull!