Vote for a safe climate! Ask questions to protect the Perth Hills!!

Local government elections take place on Saturday 21 October. By now you should have received your postal voting form.

On the 22nd September 2023, a Hills Climate survey was sent to candidates in the local government elections across the Perth Hills.  The candidates were asked to respond to the questions by the 4th October 2023.  This article is about how they responded, and to encourage you to ask them questions about climate.

The questions asked in the Hills Climate survey were:

  1. What do you consider are the top three priorities of your local government authority to ensure effective action on adaptation to climate change and to achieve a net zero carbon footprint by 2030?
  2. What do you hope to achieve for climate policy, and for the environment and biodiversity, in your term in office, if you are elected?
  3. What track record do you have in taking action to address the climate emergency? (please list up to three of your main actions and/or achievements)
  4. How do you see your climate and environment priorities for local government as leading to the development of more vibrant and sustainable businesses and communities in the Hills?

A summary of the candidate’s responses, and their individual responses are –

City of Swan… read more

Shire of Mundaring … read more

City of Kalamunda … read more

City of Armadale … read more

Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale … read more

If you have voted – see what your candidate’s responses to the survey questions are. 

If your candidates have not responded yet to the survey, please send them your questions. 

Voting in local government elections is not compulsory, so every vote is very important.