Great news! The Shire of Mundaring has recently granted funding to Millennium Kids to bring together young people aged 12 – 18 years in the Mundaring shire and provide opportunities for them to work together to take action on environmental issues of concern.

The Perth Hills Climate Change Interest Group have partnered with Millennium Kids to provide support and guidance in achieving the aims of the project. Deputy Shire President Paige McNeil is also supporting this initiative.

On Thursday 31 July Millennium Kids launched their “Agents of Climate Change Toolkit”, a structured set of activities and resources that equip young people to have conversations about, and take action on, issues that concern them.

This Millennium Kids toolkit has been designed and trialled with and will be facilitated by a team of young people as was explained at the launch. It contains a process and curriculum linked resources to enable young people to learn about climate change, regeneration and hope. It gives them opportunities to meet with others to work towards taking their ideas and actions for change to the Shire of Mundaring.

The first step in this project is to find young people who are interested and establish a leadership team who will be trained by MK youth facilitators to run the Mundaring deliberation and present the outcomes to the Shire Council.

Contact details: For more information, and to put your name down to be involved, contact Cathy