At the 2023 AGM, we were able to recruit four new committee members with great skills: Tanya Marwood, Finn Carle, Rhiannon Hardwick and Stephen Jones.

Tanya Marwood

With a background in engineering and science, plus a strong interest in ecosystem conservation and wildlife rehabilitation, Tanya has a keen interest in mitigating the effects of anthropogenic climate change. She has worked with the local Citizens’ Climate Lobby group for several years, meeting repeatedly with several politicians and assisting in writing submissions to government. Tanya values decision making informed by scientific evidence and rational thinking.

Finn Carle

I grew up in the Alps, in a farming background, and studied sciences and IT. I worked in IT as well as plenty of other areas such as farming and mining. I take an interest in making the world a better place and shaking established ideas and ways of doing things.

Stephen Jones

A passionate worker on the environment.

I detest litter (in particular plastics), ferals, weeds and cowboy developers.

I am the convenor of Friends of Yonkga Birl and Friends of Susannah Lakes groups who rehabilitate the Susannah Brook Reserve and serve on the committees of the Susannah Brook Catchment Group (as treasurer) and the Jane Brook Catchment Group.

Have further involvement with the Mundaring Shire’s Roving Rehabilitators Group and Friends of Pioneer Park in Mount Helena.Previous incarnation was a corporate financial/commerce/project type person for publicly listed companies.