Mundaring in Transition, with respect – thank you!

The MiT Inaugural Steering Group, from left
Selene Moonbeams, Vanessa Charlton, Joy Thom, Meegan Clohessy,
Lori Myles, Jim Thom, Ken Graham, Fern Pendragon

A group of dedicated people can do so much for a local community, and Mundaring In Transition (MiT) has contributed so much.

After ten years of community building for sustainability, the group has wound up, and gifted its assets to PHCCIG (with heart-felt thanks from us!).

The members of the group were local people, such as Mahogany Creek resident Jim Thom, who worked in many ways, over a decade to contribute to a better future.

You may know MiT through the Blue Sky Festivals the group ran in Mundaring in 2019, 2022 and 2023, through sustainability movies shown at the Kookaburra Outdoor Theatre and the Connections Centre in Mundaring, and…

  • At market stalls at the rotary markets, WHIM festival or the local Anglican Church fairs.
  • The energy forum in 2015, with its focus on electric cars and bikes.
  • Through one of many of its interest groups, such as Heart and Soul, Down to Earth, Voluntary Simplicity and the Climate Change Interest Group (from which PHCCIG was born!)

MiT members have also supported many other sustainability initiatives in Mundaring, such as Boomerang Bags, SeedSavers, Glen Forrest and Chidlow Community Gardens… the list goes on.

MiT members advocated to the Shire about de-carbonisation, divestment and for the climate emergency declaration. The group also ran a Facebook account and a website.

Jim said, ‘It’s in the Transition Town Handbook that your group should plan for its own demise. to initiate new possibilities and open doors to a better world. A celebration of MiT’s contribution will be held towards the end of May’.

Well Jim and other MiT committee people and members – you did just that. Hold your heads up high. You can all look future generations in the eye and say… ‘yes, I did my bit’.

Well done all. And thank you.