Valorous Victoria – a passionate, dedicated, lover of nature and justice!

Victoria Laurie’s love for, and dedication to, the natural environment and justice shines through her local voluntary work and her career as a journalist and TV presenter.  She is also the author of The Kimberley – Australia’s Last Great Wilderness and The South West Australia’s Biodiversity Hotspot. Victoria has been a Walkley Award finalist three times and is a recipient of an Equal Opportunity Media Ward and numerous state awards….read more

Youth tackling Climate Change While Supporting Our Places to Thrive

On March 27 Millennium Kids (MK) ( supported by Perth Hills Climate Change Interest Group and the Shire of Mundaring) ran a deliberative democracy day for youth in the Shire of Mundaring.  Since then … read more

75 by 35 Submission on national emission targets

The Climate Change Authority recently called for submissions about Setting, tracking and achieving Australia’s emissions reduction targets. Read more.

Progress Climate Action – from May meeting with Shire of Mundaring

PHCCIG representatives Ailsa Paterson and Lynda Winter met with James Martin, President and Paige McNeil, Vice President, Shire of Mundaring, in May to discuss a range of local climate change issues. The meeting was friendly and productive.  The agreed actions included.. read more..

Climate action consultation – WA Government position paper

PHCCIG is preparing a Perth Hills climate mitigation and adaptation position paper for the State Government to consider. A consultation on the draft will be held at 2.30pm – 4.30pm 26th August 2023 (venue to be confirmed).  If you would like to receive a draft copy of the position paper, and to register for the consultation please email with ‘rsvp phccig’s WA govt climate consultation 26th August’ in the subject line … read more

PHCCIG position on the Voice referendum

After careful consideration, the Perth Hills Climate Change Interest Group’s committee has decided to support the campaign for a ‘yes’ vote in the referendum. 

The Voice would act as an independent and permanent advisory body to the Federal parliament on matter that affect the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people… read more

York Landfill proposal – PHCCIG submission

PHCCIG put in a submission to the Environmental Protection Authority about the Great Southern Landfill at Allawuna Farm, Great Southern Highway, St. Ronans.. read our submission here

From the committee

With pride I can say that the Committee has unanimously supported the campaign for a ‘yes’ vote in the referendum.   

We’re really keen to invite people to join us, so if you are interested in becoming a member, or putting in a nomination for the Committee at the AGM (to be held later this year), or by helping out in any other way, please do email us on

Here is an update on the main things Committee members have done since the May-June newsletterread more  

What’s on ..

for info about the below – click here

  • Expressions of Interest are called for the WA Government’s Expert Consumer Panel
  • Send a letter to Stop Mining in the Northern Jarrah Forests
  • Join the Bushfire Survivors for Climate Action
  • Take action to Woodside’s Block Browse
  • Introduction to Energy Conservation in your home