Valuing Indigenous People, Climate Change, and the Uluru Statement from the Heart

Vanessa Corunna and Nolan Hunter

Nolan Hunter, a Mundaring resident and Head of Engagement, Uluru Dialogue, and Traditional Wadjuk woman, Vanessa Corunna, recently met… read more.

Federal Election 2022 – The Climate Election! People power!! A big thank you everyone!!!

The committee, members and volunteers, and our partners, were very busy in the lead up to the recent Federal election.  Together we achieved… read more.

Calling to all young people!  Deliberative democracy Voices!

Plans to show the film Regenerating Australia and hold a deliberative democracy forum run by and for young people, for an empowered say in our future world, are underway… read more

East Ward Candidate Responses to climate question

A Shire of Mundaring extraordinary election has been called.  We have asked the candidates  ‘In no more than 150 words, please say what you consider to be the main priorities for the Shire of Mundaring in implementing its climate emergency declaration’. Their responses to this question are here

From the Committee

The lead-up to the election was hectic… read more.