You’re invited to the Perth Hills Climate Change Interest Group’s Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting will be held
11am – 12.15pm Saturday 28th October 2023
Boya Community Centre, Corner Clayton Road & Scott Street Boya

Guest speaker, Dr Richard Yin, Doctors for the Environment (pictured left), will give a talk on Climate change advocacy; the power in meaningful stories, relationships & communities.

Please rsvp to 27th October 2023  Morning tea provided 🙂

Local Government Elections 2023

Vote for a safe climate! Ask questions to protect the Perth Hills!!

Local government elections take place on Saturday 21 October.   By now you should have received your postal voting form. 

On the 22nd September 2023, a Hills Climate survey was sent to candidates in the local government elections across the Perth Hills.  The candidates were asked to respond to the questions by the 4th October 2023.  This article is about how they responded, and to encourage you to ask them questions about climate… read more…

WA Climate Bill – It’s time to act!

The WA government has released the Climate Change Bill Explanatory Paper.

Members of the PHCCIG committee attended an information session about this on the 3rd October, along with representatives of 37 other groups.  Industry and Aboriginal stakeholder information sessions have also been held or are about to be held. 

It’s clear that there is no plan in place for a public consultation phase, which at the very least is an omission in good process, given that the Bill under consideration is a public interest matter of the highest order -for Australians, future generations and all living beings… read more… about the proposed Bill, what you can do, and what we’re doing…