The Federal government has proposed some reforms to the Safeguard Mechanism, which is supposed to keep down the emissions of high polluting companies – but so far, it hasn’t achieved this.

But if the proposed reforms go through, Australia will still not be able to meet its legislated emission reduction targets.  For more information read the Climate Council briefing paper.

The Perth Hills Climate Change Interest Group, along with advocacy groups across Australia, have partnered with Solutions for Climate Australia to advocate for the big fossil fuel polluters, who make up the Dirty Dozen to do their fair share in reducing their emissions.

How can I help?

Please send your signed copy of the Safeguard our Climate letter to your local Federal politicians. Post a photo of yourself holding up the Safeguard our Climate placard on to social media – with a hashtag or/and tags to your local politicians if you have time.

Update – May 2023

The Dirty Dozen campaign has had a pretty good result – see the Government’s latest Safeguard Mechanism Reforms Fact Sheet. However, we still want to see:

  • No new fossil fuel projects
  • Strengthened environmental laws
  • Set limits on offsets
  • Establishment of a National Energy Transition Authority as an independent public body
  • Legislated Fuel Efficiency Standards
  • Support for Paul Griffiths concept of “Rewiring Australia – Electrify everything”, and encouragement for citizens and businesses to upgrade to renewables and electricity as soon as possible.