Make the safeguard mechanism just that – safe!

The Perth Hills Climate Change Interest Group with support from Solutions for Climate, Climate Action Network Australia, is collaborating with grass roots climate groups across Australia to advocate for the big polluters to do their fair share of the emission reductions needed for a safe climate. 

Local hills resident Denise Sweetman (centre, with the white jacket on), PHCCIG’s Treasurer, is in Canberra lobbying at the time of writing this article (6th March).  She and others have met with a total of 15 politicians so far.  She and Richard Yin, Doctors for the Environment Australia) have just been interviewed by the West Australian Newspaper.  She’s attended a BBQ hosted by David Pocock.  She’s also reported some exciting news – modelling about what is really needed to bring the big polluters into line with what’s needed is about to be released.

Ailsa Paterson, PHCCIG’s Vice Chair, another hills resident, has written to local politicians and some of the WA Senators to request meetings.  Meetings with politicians across WA have been coordinated by a team of people, including Ailsa, across Citizen’s Climate Lobby Australia, Doctors for the Environment Australia, 350, Australian Conservation Foundation Community Perth and the Conservation Council of WA and with CANA. 

What can I do? 

Join in on the National Day of Action 10th March.

  1.  Make a Placard – print out a placard or a Poster
  • Take a selfie or group photo
  • Post your photo on to social media, but first 
  • Tag Prime Minister Albanese and Minister Chris Bowen
  • Use the #SafeguardOurClimate and #Auspol hashtags’
Maddie Bonnaire and Ian (Sarge) Sargeant
Lynda Winter

And please also consider writing a letter to your local politicians example attached.  For more information go to