I’m just part of the team really 😋 says Amanda Welschbillig the Manager of the Wasteless Pantry Mundaring branch. In reality – she is the sunny and friendly face you see when you walk into the Mundaring store. Wasteless Pantry retails bulk groceries and whole foods, dry and liquid.

This includes gluten free, dairy free, vegan, organic foods, personal hygiene and cleaning products.

Also offered are a range of eco-friendly reusable containers, produce bags and other products that support the zero-waste ideal.

Amanda said that ‘the Wasteless Pantry started after I did the Plastic Free July challenge in 2014. That challenge lead Jeannie and I to read Zero Waste Home, by Bea Johnson, and then we decided that it was a lifestyle change we both thought was important. When we couldn’t find local options to shop the way we wanted to easily, we decided to create our own!’

The idea behind the Wasteless Pantry is to make the zero waste lifestyle as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. ‘Everything we do is filtered through a decision hierarchy with waste and ethics at the core.

We strongly believe that whilst government has a big role to play in pushing for climate change action, there is still so much that can be achieved at the individual level. This is what we try to support’ she said.

Amanda went on to say that ‘Going plastic free is simple, switch out one plastic item for a reusable at a time and you’ll be surprised how many wins you can rack up over time. We have so many tips on our website https://www.wastelesspantry.com.au/ and social media pages, and anyone can pop in to ask the team any questions that come up. Some things we might not have solved yet, but we are happy to work through to help our customers find the best step forward in your circumstances.

I’m a nature lover who is into hiking, camping and just being outdoors. I think this connection to the Earth helps keep me motivated to make whatever changes I can to improve our planet’s health’.

Contact details

(08) 9295 6440 (During business Hours)
Shop 17, Mundaring Village Shopping Centre, 7295 Great Eastern Hwy MUNDARING WA 6073