The Perth Hills Climate Change Interest Group (PHCCIG) was pleased to be invited and encouraged by Tania Lawrence MP, Member for Hasluck, to provide a submission on the review of the Federal government’s Safeguard Mechanism – how we limit the emissions of the 250+ largest emitters. 

The current mechanism has not been effective in reducing emissions and requires crucial amendments. 

The PHCCIG’s submission included the following main points:

    The need for immediate strong emissions reduction targets.  No new fossil fuel developments, consistency with the best available science, and double the current target for emissions reduction.

    Tightened flexibility arrangements to close the loopholes which have allowed polluters to ‘rort’ the system

    Limited access to carbon offsets.  Ensure offsets really do offset, and restrict access to offshore offsets since we have an obligation to the planet, not just our continent.

    All baselines need to decline at a consistent rate for all facilities.  Companies have had plenty of notice of the need to reduce emissions, so there should be no special treatment for facilities that have been slow to act.

    Emissions reductions must be immediate and substantial and preferably exceed the 43% target

    Any new entrants under the Safeguard Mechanism, specifically coal and gas operations, need to start with a baseline of zero emissions. There should be no special treatment.