Deadline for submissions   17th October 2023!

The WA government is trying to push through a Climate Change Bill with little public consultation.  They have given until 17th October for submission in a process that most people were completely unaware of.

The Bill will not have a 2030 target. The first interim target will be 2035. It will not be mandated.  The targets are at the discretion of the Minister. There will be no independent body to provide oversight.

If you feel left out by the process, you are not alone. Only 100 stakeholders were invited and many even in the climate advocacy space were unaware this process was occurring. 

What are our current emissions?

Total emissions for Western Australia in 2019 were 91.9 Mt CO2-e.

  • Emissions have increased 20.8% on 2005 levels (we should be trending downwards NOT upwards!)
  • Strong growth in mining and exports has driven increases in stationary energy and fugitive emissions from fossil fuel extraction.
  • Long term growth in population and vehicle fleets has resulted in increased transport emissions.

The close of submissions date on the Climate Change Bill is 17th October!

If you are upset by this news, write a brief email expressing concern at the lack of time for an open public consultation process, a lack of a 2030 target and the absence of an independent climate change authority to oversee the setting of targets aligned to science,


For more information see the Environmental Defenders Office scorecard on the WA Climate Bill – 

This article is presented in collaboration with the WA Climate Group (a network of climate action groups such as Doctors for the Environment, Greenpeace, ACF Perth, PHCCIG etc).